Who needs a Reef ID book… when you can have the real thing!
Join us on our annual Coral Explorer’s trip, and learn valuable coral conservation and ID skills while immersing yourself in the biodiverse waters of Raja Ampat, at the heart of the Coral Triangle!

Do you love diving and snorkelling?  Do you love to immerse yourself into the vibrant world of coral reefs and all the life they hold? Are you fascinated by all the incredible diversity – from soft corals to sea-mounts and sea sponges to sea fans – and find yourself wondering more about the extra-ordinary worlds within?

If this is you, then join us at Papua Explorers Resort for our annual Coral Explorers trip, and give yourself the opportunity to learn more, whilst supporting conservation in the region.

From May 30 – June 10, 2018, our foundation, Raja Ampat SEA Centre, will be hosting an exclusive trip that will submerge you in a fully interactive learning experience that will enable you to discover more about coral reefs – the oceans life support system.

Over 10 days, participants will be lead through a series of dives and lectures by world leading coral experts including Russell Kelley; marine scientist, educator, film-maker and author, Dr Rachel Pears; Marine Park manager on the Great Barrier Reef with expertise in coral resilience, sustainable fisheries and reef surveys, and Arnaud Brival, resident marine biologist at Papua Explorers Resort.

The Coral Explorers trip will cover topics including:

1) Coral Reefs:
The Past, Present and Future
2) Coral Reef Ecology: How do reefs “work”, and why are they so important?
3) The Origins of Raja Ampat: how did it  get here?
4) Why Are There So Many Species in Raja Ampat?
5) What IS That Thing?: how to identify marine creatures.. without being a marine biologist!
6) Marine Protected Areas: why we need them and why they matter. Raja Amat’s MPAs.
7) Raja Ampat SEA Centre: an overview of the work of SEA Centre in Raja Ampat, including how you can be involved during your stay AND once you return home! 

a range of other presentations that will enhance increase your understanding, fascination and appreciation of the world’s coral reefs, and ultimately improve your diving experience!

Trip inclusions:

  • Return transfer from Sorong to Papua Explorers  Resort
  • 11 nights dive package (4 air or nitrox dives per day, tanks and weights included)
  • Day trip to Penemu Islands (including Melissa’s Garden – the most pristine coral gardens in the region)
  • Accommodation (double, single or triple room) at Papua Explorers Resort
  • 3 meals per day, morning and afternoon snack
  • Evening presentations by marine biologists
  • Scientific diving (x1 per day, most days)
  • Raja Ampat SEA Centre t-shirt
  • Reef Finder Kit


  • International and/or domestic flights
  • Marine park entry fee
  • Dive gear rental (if needed)
  • Alcoholic Beverages, Soft Drinks
  • Massages
  • Diving & Travel Insurance
  • Tips

Optional Extras
Day trips/excursions to Birds of Paradise, Batanta Waterfall, Wayag or any other excursion offered by the resort are charged at standard resort prices

By participating in this trip, you also be directly supporting conservation work with Raja Ampat.  15% of all Coral Explorers participation fees will go directly towards supporting the efforts of Raja Ampat SEA Centre; an NGO and conservation initiative by Papua Explorers Resort.  Raja Ampat SEA Centre is committed to conserving Raja Ampat’s marine life through Science, Education & Awareness.

Join the Coral Explorers Raja Ampat trip and not only will you learn valuable skills that will enhance your diving and snorkelling experience, you will gain knowledge that will enable you to understand the ecological importance of coral reefs in marine systems, and how each and everyone of us is intrinsically linked to, and dependant upon, the coral reefs of the world.

for more detailed information about Coral Explorers – Raja Ampat 2018, or contact to book.

*no further discounts apply to Special Trip prices