(English) Meet a Devoted Papua Explorers Guest

  • September 17, 2020

Over the years, Papua Explorers Eco Resort has had the pleasure to garner a lot of loyal customers. They have stayed at our resort, enjoyed our services, and came back for more! We are very grateful to them, so we acknowledge their friendship and support. From time to time, we would like to introduce one of our beloved guests and ask them for their opinions.
Let’s get to know them better!

Meet our Loyal Guest – Yuka

Yuka is from Switzerland and works on humanitarian and social projects. She and her partner, Eric, first came to Raja Ampat in 2015 and were so impressed with the region and Papua Explorers Resort that they came back for several more diving trips. This year Yuka also joined our dive master and marine ecology internship.

divemaster and marine ecology intern transplanting coral fragments underwater in Raja Ampat

This photo shows our guest Yuka transplanting coral fragments underwater in Raja Ampat during her divemaster and marine ecology internship.

Here is the excerpt of our interview with Yuka

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

„My name is Yuka, I am most of time on the move somewhere on our little planet for international development cooperation, diving, for discovering cultures and meet people.“

What made you come to Raja Ampat? What were your expectations?

„The diving made me come first, it became an addiction and I stopped going elsewhere, I have been in Raja Ampat many times. The diving, and the people made me come back, lots of great personalities in a very unique place. The guests are also mostly lots of fun ;). Now I came to train as a Dive Master.“

How was your experience with Papua Explorers (Papex) and/or Coralia Liveaboard? Did we meet your expectations?

„I came 4 times in Papex and became a Dive Master here so yes, very much, I loved it! I still need to go for a dive trip on beautiful Coralia. I had the chance to stay on it and liked it a lot but it was during the lockdown, we were going ‘shopping’ (fuel and supply).“

Do you have a special memory or experience that you want to share with us?

„I have tons of wonderful fun and conservation dive memories… Terima kasih banyak!

A unique experience : spending a month lockdown in Papex as the only ‘non-essential staff’ (at that point it was so special, it didn’t feel like a guest or Dive Master) with 10 ‘survivors’ – that is how we called ourselves – and Coralia with crew parked in front of an empty resort with only outside trip to get supply.“

What message do you want to leave for us and/or the people of Raja Ampat?

„Stay strong! Keep the resort alive, the reefs protected and the staffs. It’s [a] hard time but we, divers, will be back, as soon as we are allowed to fly!
To the guests: hospitality, conservation and the local economy needs us, come back when you can!“

We thank Yuka for the time she has spent with us and all the wonderful memories! We already look forward to her next visit.

If you are also one of our loyal Papua Explorers guests and would like to be featured in our blog, sending a message out to the world, please let us know!

And if you would like to support our environmental and community support efforts, please visit the website of our Papua Explorers Foundation.

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