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  • Mai 12, 2020

The stunning archipelago of Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia has received a lot of praise as THE top destination for scuba diving. Rightfully so, but many wonder if apart from diving, there are other things to do in Raja Ampat?
We say: YES, definitely! This beautiful picturesque area invites not only scuba divers, but also snorkelers, bird watchers, scientists and nature enthusiasts in general. In this article we would like to introduce the best activities in Raja Ampat.

The Underwater World of Raja Ampat

Although in this article we focus on things to do apart from scuba diving, it would be a pity to leave it unmentioned. The region is located right at the center of the Coral Triangle. It is recognized as the worldwide epicenter of marine biodiversity. Therefore the reefs and marine life are stunning and the biodiversity is fascinating. Not only as a scuba diver you can enjoy the wonderful underwater world, but also as a snorkeler you will be equally delighted. Actually it was the snorkeling that had put Raja Ampat on the map and made it famous in the first place. Most dive sites are also suitable for snorkeling, as they have shallow, colorful reef tops with lots of marine species to see.
Raja Ampat is one of the few places in the world where both species of Manta rays can be encountered. We see them both underwater and at the surface, especially between October and May.

For further info check out our page about scuba diving in Raja Ampat, as well as our article about Raja Ampat snorkeling. Learn more about Manta rays in our separate article.

several aquatic plants in fan-shape with a scuba diver in the background

Seafans in Raja Ampat, photo credit: ArtAndWater

Bird Watching and Hiking


red bird of paradise on a branch in Raja Ampat

Bird of Paradise…

Kayaking and Paddleboarding


photo !

Culture of Raja Ampat


Village Kids of Raja Ampat running in the sand

Village Kids of Raja Ampat running in the sand



Papua Explorers Boat at Wayag Islands in Raja Ampat

Papua Explorers Boat at Wayag Islands in Raja Ampat

Sustainability and Eco Tourism


Reef Gardener Project

Reef Gardener Project