(English) Raja Ampat Packing List – What to bring along?

  • mai 28, 2020

Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit. It is popular for scuba diving, snorkeling, photography and other exciting activities. It is a relatively remote location, so it is important to consider what to pack and bring along. We from Papua Explorers Eco Resort have put together some suggestions in our Raja Ampat packing list. Hopefully they will make the preparations for your journey to our little paradise easier. You can also always contact us in case you have any questions.

Raja Ampat Packing List – What to bring along?

Documents and Money

  • As you will be traveling to another country it is obviously important that you bring your passport. Make sure it is valid for at least 6 months at the time of travel. Further, you need to be able to show a valid return ticket to the immigration at the port of entry to Indonesia.
  • Passport holders of many countries can visit Indonesia without a visa for 30 days. Other countries have to apply for a visa on arrival at the port of entry and pay 35 USD cash for it.
    Please note these are the current regulations at the time of writing. To find out the most recent regulations please visit this page. There you can also check which regulation applies for your country.
  • We also recommend to bring your insurance documents (travel, health, dive insurance). Having these kind of insurances is highly recommended. At Papua Explorers, a dive insurance is mandatory for scuba divers.
  • Further, it is useful to have some Indonesian Rupiah in cash even while traveling (e.g. to pay overweight luggage fees, or just to buy a bottle of water during transit).
  • Many resorts and homestays in Raja Ampat don’t have a credit card machine, or the credit card machine depends on the local cell phone signal. So it is helpful to have additional cash at hand for paying any extras that you didn’t prepay in advance. Check with your resort/homestay about which currencies they accept.
  • As scuba divers, you should bring your dive certification cards, or alternatively an e-version of them. If you would like to dive with Nitrox, which we offer free-of-charge at Papua Explorers Resort, also bring your certification card along.
  • If you have a classic dive logbook, make sure to bring it as well. It is nice to get our Papua Explorers stamp after every amazing dive in Raja Ampat. And you can note down all the magnificent marine life you have spotted. An electronic dive log is also nice of course.

Clothes and Protection

  • Although it is very warm in Indonesia throughout the year, you might consider bringing a jacket for the domestic flights, as it can get cold on board sometimes. It would be ideal if the same jacket can be used as raincoat, too.
  • Sun lotion: a must-have on every Raja Ampat packing list. As our region is close to the equator, the sun is very strong here. Please make sure your sun lotion is environmentally friendly and ocean safe.
  • In the same vein, a sun hat and sunglasses make a lot of sense.
  • At the current time of writing, the corona virus is still an issue. Therefore gloves, facemasks and hand sanitizer especially during travel, should be on your Raja Ampat packing list, too. We will however provide ample hand sanitizer for you once you are at Papua Explorers Resort.
  • Mosquito repellant (although Malaria is not very wide-spread in the Raja Ampat region it is advisable to take precautions). At Papua Explorers, all our bungalows are equipped with mosquito net, electric mosquito repellant and will be sprayed with chemical mosquito repellant in the evening. Again please make sure your it is environmentally friendly and ocean safe
  • Bring some long-sleeved light clothes (another precaution against Malaria in the evening).
  • Obviously you would also bring your swimwear and a pair of sandals/flipflops. But being barefoot in the sand is very nice too. 🙂 A pair of sturdy walking shoes is essential, in case you want to go for a hike.
among others, sandals, light clothes, a sunhat, sunglasses and a camera are useful items for a raja ampat packing list

Among others, sandals, sunhat, light clothes and of course a camera, are useful items to bring along and should not be missing on any Raja Ampat packing list.


  • Camera / UW Camera
  • Chargers for your electric devices
  • Power plug adapter for non-European plugs

This is what the Indonesian power outlets and plugs look like.

Diving Related Items for Your Raja Ampat Packing List


you will travel on an airplane to get to raja ampat and papua explorers resort so this needs to be considered for your packing list

Your journey to Raja Ampat will involve airplane travel, so luggage weight limitations are certainly an important factor to consider. We recommend to check the specifics with your airline.


Raja Ampat Packing List – What should I leave at home?


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