Raja Ampat Places to Stay

  • April 30, 2020

Where to stay in Raja Ampat ?

In Raja Ampat the best places to stay should be close to the best diving spots. Importantly they also need to have a sustainable operation that protects the environment. Further, a good operator empowers locals and offers the best service and comfort for everyone. Papua Explorers Eco Resort ticks all these boxes.

Best Location in Raja Ampat

Papua Explorers is located on Dampier Strait which is the home for best and most famous dive sites. Among them Mike’s Point, Sardines, Cape Kri, Manta Sandy, Blue Magic and a lot more. There are more than 60 dive sites around us, which are accessible with a short boat ride. Unlike other operators, we offer the luxury to indulge our guests in the best dive sites of Raja Ampat. Every day and as many times as they want without extra charges.

Sustainable Accommodation in Raja Ampat

Papua Explorers’ sustainable tourism efforts have been recognized both on international and national levels. We are honored to be awarded by Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award and the German Travel Agency Association Sustainability award. Our operation aims to minimize our impact on nature and conserve and protect our oceans. We raise awareness within local communities and empower them by training a local workforce for tourism industry in Raja Ampat.

During your stay, you will have a chance to participate in our citizen science projects. Also you can support the rehabilitation of reefs with a coral planting dive. By supporting conservation and local communities, you can mitigate the carbon footprint of your long journey. To find out more about our conservation and community projects, please click here.


Raja Ampat is the most biodiverse part of our oceans. This fact makes choosing sustainable operators even more important when looking for Raja Ampat places to stay. The impact of unsustainable tourism operations can unfortunately be destructive on nature as well as local communities. Therefore, choosing sustainable operators will ensure that Raja Ampat maintains its biodiversity and marine health for many years to come.

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