Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat

  • March 13, 2019

Raja Ampat has gained more popularity as a holiday destination recently. But what is so great about it? In the following, let us tell you some very good reasons to visit Raja Ampat.

Reason to Visit #1: Raja Ampat is the global epicentre of marine biodiversity

One of the reasons to visit Raja Ampat is its incredible marine biodiversity. It has 75% of all coral species and more than 1500 coral fish species. This means a chance to spot 388 species in a single dive! Hence, Raja Ampat is inarguably the most biodiverse part of our oceans.

Dr.Mark Erdman of Conservation International and Dr.Gerry Allen have been recording the count of species. When they started Raja Ampat was known by only a handful of researchers and documentary makers. After the new surveys conducted in 2018, these scientists broke the 1500 species mark. They recorded 1577 coral reef species, including 8 new ones.  Therefore, if you’re looking for biodiversity, Raja Ampat is the place to be.

These scientists also broke another record by spotting 388 species in one single dive. Previous record belonged to Cape Kri with 374 species in Allen’s single dive survey conducted more than a decade ago. Care Kri is located only 10 minutes away from Papua Explorers and it is still a very exciting dive site. You can visit many record-breaking places also with our new liveaboard Coralia.

Raja Ampat's biodiversity shows in its abundant soft and hard corals, only one of many reasons to visit Raja Ampat

Of all the coral species existing on our blue planet, you can see 75% of them right from your bungalow! You can learn more about coral species in Raja Ampat and coral reef ecology by joining our Coral Explorers program. The program funds our foundations various conservation projects, so you will be giving back while learning.

Reason to Visit #2: Raja Ampat is one of the rare places to see the birds of paradise

We already mentioned there are at least 35 marine species endemic to Raja Ampat. However, there are also amazing land animals that only live in these beautiful islands. Some are wondering what non-divers can do in Raja Ampat. We can assure that the colourful birds will keep you busy. According to Fauna and Flora International Indonesia program, two species of birds of paradise; the red Cenderawasih (Paradisaea rubra) and bald Cenderawasih (Respublica diphyllodes) are endemic to Raja Ampat only. You can spot these two glorious species of the Cendrawasih family. Additionally it is possible to see other bird of paradise species like Wilson’s Bird of Paradise.

Apart from the Red Bird of Paradise, there are many tropical birds you can observe in Raja Ampat. From colourful cockatoos, hornbills, sunbirds to wild eagles and fisher birds. In conclusion, Raja Ampat is a bird watchers paradise.

the Red Bird of Paradise in Raja Ampat is great reason to visit for bird fans

Reason to Visit #3: You have all those beautiful islands and reefs for yourself

Raja Ampat archipelago comprises of more than 1500 islands and there are only around 50 thousand inhabitants. If you visit Raja Ampat between June till October, you will probably be the only tourist in many places. The same applies if you get out of the beaten track and explore the remote islands.

Papua Explorers offers 15% discount for the months of June, July, August and September. This is an excellent time to discover Raja Ampat with minimum human interaction. Consequently you can enjoy the tranquility of its wonderful nature.

Wayag islands in Raja Ampat with Papua Explorers boat

Reason to Visit #4: West Papua’s cultural diversity will impress you

Indonesia’s cultural richness and diversity will continue to amaze you in Raja Ampat. Papuan culture is unique and shows remarkable differences among even small islands not so far away from each other. An indicator of cultural diversity is the languages. Despite the low population density, there are more than 10 languages spoken in Raja Ampat. These gorgeous islands have been so isolated that even small populations developed their own languages. You can visit the villages, interact with the locals and join traditional dances during your visit to Papua Explorers. You can even participate in one of our Sunday school classes and play games with our lovely students.

West Papuan kids at Papua Explorers Foundation

These are the reasons to visit Raja Ampat we think are most significant. We hope you enjoyed the read! You might also like to learn more about diving in Raja Ampat with Papua Explorers. And maybe you wonder when is the best time to visit Raja Ampat.

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