Our Returning Guests Sharing their Memories

  • July 22, 2021

It has been a while since Papua Explorers Resort and Coralia Liveaboard have been visited by our international guests ever since international travel has been restricted. We miss you, and our hearts go out to you. We know that many of you are eager to return to our paradise. We feel confident that Indonesia will get the situation under control again soon, as they have done so well throughout the pandemic.

In these challenging times, your support keeps our spirits high, and we don’t give up! One of the things that helps us is staying in touch with our guests. Therefore, we asked some of our lovely repeater guests to share their wonderful memories and experiences.  So here we introduce to you six of them, who have visited us several times already. They have seen the growth of Papua Explorers Resort, Coralia Liveaboard and our Foundation SEA Centre over the years. We are grateful to them for their continued support!

John & Jacqui

two of our guests at Papua Explorers dive centre, while diving and a manta ray

John and I have been diving since 1996, after falling in love with the experience during a try dive in the Maldives. We became hooked, and since then have taken diving holidays twice yearly.

We came to Raja Ampat on a liveaboard, September 2013 which was an excellent experience. We were hooked. We fell out of love with liveaboards and looked for a small specialist dive resort – Pap ❤️- our first visit being November 2015.

Papua Explorers met all our expectations and more.  The resort was just to our liking, so close to the rain forest.  The staff, both international and local, are brilliant – efficient and great fun.

Our most special memory (and we have many over the years we have visited) is the White Lady Manta’s.

Our message to you all is: We are missing you, and so looking forward to seeing you as soon as we can visit. Love to everyone

A photo of John and Jacqui’s lovely ‘White Lady Manta’ is at the top right. But you can also watch their beautiful video here.

Gabby & Thierry

Papua Explorers and Coralia Liveaboard Guests Gabby & Thierry in Raja Ampat at the Wayag viewpoint

Me and my husband Thierry came to Raja Ampat in 2015 for the first time and since then kept returning at least once a year to this amazing region. We just fell in love with the amazing underwater world, the pelagic animals, the tiny little pigmy seahorses, the fascinating landscape, the soft corals and last but definitely not least the people we met while visiting Raja Ampat several times. It is really not only about nature, it is as well about people, chatting about all kind of stuff, sitting on the boats, laughing and getting to know each other.

Back home Thierry and I are working for a pharma company, sitting behind the computer all day and really enjoying being outside and exploring nature’s beauty. Raja Ampat is a perfect location for both of us as Thierry is snorkeler and I am a passionate diver. We can go out together and spend our vacation together.

two Papua Explorers Returning Guests on a white sand beach at the Wayag Islands in Raja Ampat

In 2015 I was in touch with our travel agency asking them what they would suggest for a Manta mania (that’s me) and where there are not so many tourists / divers yet. Well they suggested us Raja Ampat and we just jumped on this possibility. We thought, well once in a lifetime, lets go for it, lets travel that far. We hoped for stunning nature, for touching Manta interactions and get to know another corner of our beautiful world. We simply had no idea how happy we will be in Raja Ampat. When we were at Papua Explorers we just booked another trip in 3 months time and at that time we were the fasted returning guests. 🙂

Just before Corona hit, we had the chance to explore Raja Ampat the first time ever on a liveaboard – it was very clear to us it will only be Coralia if we go on a liveaboard. And we never regretted booking this amazing trip. First, we spent a few days at the resort to say hi to our friends there and do some diving afterwards we boarded Coralia and enjoyed being on this very beautiful boat. Everything is amazing, starting with the tour directors, Debbie and Jerry, with Joe who is an amazing cook, the dive guides who just do their very best on each and every dive to show you all the creatures you would love to see.

Papua Explorers Guest Gabby sitting on the tender with Coralia Liveaboard in the background

There are so many stunning experiences we had while diving from the resort or from Coralia it is difficult to pick one of them. For Thierry it was being able to see neon-colored soft corals just a little bit underneath the surface and for me being able to have unforgettable manta interactions and on the same dive site explore the beauty of the colorful soft coral word – it is just overwhelming!

Even if I would like to be an egoist and don’t spread the word of how beautiful Raja Ampat is – as a passionate diver and nature lover – Raja Ampat is the place to go and Papua Explorers and Coralia are the places you can explore the best of this beauty!

Duncan & Dawne

Duncan & Dawne Papua Explorers Guests

I am from Canada. My partner, Dawne, and I have been coming to Indonesia for a number of years. Our dive trips slowly worked down the archipelago, until we reached Raja Ampat.

Our first trip to Raja Ampat was in 2016 – like most, we came for the diving, and were not disappointed – with our hopes and expectations blown away by the reality.

Our first trip to Papua Explorers was by accident – after a late liveaboard cancellation. We wanted to stay in Raja Ampat, and chose Papua Explorers.

The next three trips to Papua Explorers, and the trip on Coralia were definitely planned – returning every year since.

We are currently building a house, and have modelled the master bedroom on one of your bungalows.

You can see their water-bungalow-inspired bedroom view in the rightmost photo above. What a great idea – we feel honored!

We also asked Duncan & Dawne about a special memory. They said:

Too many – from finding amazing critters and fish under the water, to the laughter and friendships made out of the water.

Last but not least, their message to us is:

Stay strong through these difficult times – they WILL pass.
Continue to be excellent guardians for the environment.
Everyone I know who dives is desperate to return to your amazing home.

Thank you!

We thank all six of you for sharing these wonderful memories and photos. To you, and also our other faithful Papua Explorers and Coralia guests:
Your support, feedback and encouragement is what keeps us going. We will stay strong! Thank you so much!

If you are also one of our loyal Papua Explorers guests and would like to be featured in our blog, sending a message out to the world, please let us know!

In case you haven’t visited yet, but would like to do so, we’d be very happy to hear from you – please contact us here, or learn more about Raja Ampat here, and our team here.

And if you would like to support our environmental and community support efforts, please visit the website of our Papua Explorers Foundation.

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