What diving experience level should I have for diving in Raja Ampat?

  • March 15, 2017

It is indeed true that we get strong currents depending on the tides and moon and some dive sites are not suitable for beginners or anyone that doesn’t feel comfortable in currents. Our dive guides check the current direction and strength before the divers get in the water and change the dive plan or site if necessary. Our dive groups are max. 6 people and we have a head dive guide and an assistant guide in each group.

We have a check dive for everyone and we make the groups according to experience level. We ease all divers into the currents by starting the dives with sites that get mild currents. There are enough sites with mild current to complete a week diving without going to the dive sites that get strong currents. However, you might also miss some of the highlights of Raja Ampat.

If you haven’t dived for 2 years or longer, we would recommend to get a refresher course to ease you back into scuba diving. We would also strongly recommend the Advanced Open Water Diver Course as it would enable you to dive to a bigger range of dive sites and maintain a perfect buoyancy to protect the pristine coral and marine life here.

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