Raja Ampat Photo Gallery

Welcome to Raja Ampat, the most marine bio-diverse place on earth right at the center of the Coral Triangle! With its abundance of coral, fish and other marine species, the area puts a spell on all its visitors. Whether they are divers, snorkelers, photographers, wildlife admirers or scientists. Our Papua Explorers Eco Resort is located right at the heart of this magnificent spectacle. Over the years we therefore collected a stunning photo gallery of Raja Ampat that we are happy to present to you here.

Raja Ampat is certainly worth at least one photo gallery, if not many. It is picturesque above as well as below the surface. So much more than only Raja Ampat diving photos are worthy to be admired.

Papua Explorers Eco Resort

Our Papua Explorers Eco Resort shown in our first Raja Ampat photo gallery. See the layout of the resort panoramic views and the tropical scenery. Explore our luxurious water bungalows from the inside. It will give you an idea what it’s like to relax there, for example after a busy day of diving or snorkeling. Likewise, visit our lovely overwater restaurant. Hopefully you can imagine the ocean breeze brushing you, while you have a delicious breakfast, lunch in between dives, or a dinner in relaxed atmosphere. Further you can discover our beautiful sundeck and as well as our spa area for even more relaxation.

Raja Ampat Diving Center Gallery

Secondly, you might have a look at our Raja Ampat diving center gallery. It shows you photos of our PADI 5 Star Dive Center right by the ocean, as well as its decks and equipment storage rooms. Here is where you’ll start each of your days before you set out to some spectacular diving and snorkeling. You can also have a look at our diving and our transfer boats and get feel a what the daily life at the dive center is like.

Other Raja Ampat Photo Galleries

In the next gallery you’ll see some stunning Raja Ampat diving photos. Discover Raja Ampat’s certainly fascinating underwater world. Enjoy big schools of fish, manta rays as well as tiny magnificent critters and many more.

Similarly, you can visit our excursions gallery and see what it’s like to spend a day out in sunshine. Take in breathtaking views, picturesque panoramas that you can discover on our full day excursions.

The gallery Art & Water is another Raja Ampat photo gallery, and these beautiful shots were taken by our friends David and Melanie from art-and-water photography, whom we thank sincerely for it. The gallery shows beautiful Raja Ampat diving photos as well as impressions of the lovely surrounding villages, our resort and the landscapes.

Finally, check out the Raja Ampat Aerials, and imagine what it would be like if you were a tropical bird and hover in the mild breeze above Raja Ampat, looking down on all the stunning beauty.

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Art & Water