Our Neighbour Village

Located just 1 km from our resort, is the village of Yenwaupnor.  A traditional Papuan village of approximately 300 residents, life goes on much as it has for decades; with a simple lifestyle based around subsistence living.
Feel free to take a short walk along the beach and visit our shy but lovely neighbours. You might even recognize one face or the other, as many of the villagers work for our resort.

Arborek Village

The village of Arborek is fast rising as a pioneer among the 18 beautiful villages in West Papua that have embarked on developing local regulations for community-based marine conservation, For this,  the village of Arborek has gained an outstanding reputation among both the local authority and international community. With the assistance of the national and local government, from research centers, and non-government organizations, the local people have succeeded in formulating local regulations, naming their conservation region the Mambarayup and Indip.
On our daily diving we frequently visit Arborek and spend our surface interval there. After having enjoyed the lush marine life in front of Arborek’s jetty on a dive or while snorkeling, you should definitely take a stroll in this beautiful village.

A Walk in the Jungle

A short, guided walk in the jungle to the lake behind our resort, can be extremely rewarding for photographers. The island is inhibited by amazing creatures and flora. It is quite likely to come across a blue tongue lizard, a giant moth or a cuscus.


You may also discover the surrounding coastline in one of our kayaks.