Raja Ampat is certainly a place for many exciting activities. Spending a week or longer in this beautiful paradise, we assure you, it won’t get boring. At Papua Explorers Eco Resort you can experience many special Raja Ampat adventures together with us.

Activities in Raja Ampat – Daily Boats for Diving and Snorkeling

We offer daily boats for diving and snorkeling for our guests. As we are located right at the heart of Raja Ampat, the boat rides to many amazing (around 50 in total) dive sites are very short. You can find further info on that here. On these daily boat trips, we will have surface intervals and coffee breaks in one of the surrounding villages, on nice islands, beautiful beaches, or sand banks. So even on daily boats you will have plenty of Raja Ampat adventures already. After two morning dives or snorkeling sessions, we come back to the resort for lunch. Then you can decide if you would like to join us again for third boat dive/snorkel of the day.

Activities in Raja Ampat – Full Day Adventures

For those who would like to venture further and explore a bit more, we also offer full day excursions to more remote places in Raja Ampat. You can find sample descriptions for each of these excursions by clicking on the photos below.


visiting the fam and penemu islands on a day trips is one of the great activities in Raja Ampat


the passage in Raja Ampat is another great place to visit on a day excursion


visiting the waterfall on Batanta island is one of our favorite activities in Raja Ampat

On these full day trips, we combine sightseeing with diving and snorkeling. We will take along our lunchboxes and we will have a nice picnic lunch. We will also do two dives (or snorkeling sessions in case you are a snorkeler). The dive sites we visit on the full day excursions are different from those that we normally visit.
Since the places visited are a bit farther away, a surcharge applies. Also please note that all full day excursions can only be booked directly at the resort. They depend on weather conditions and some have a minimum number of participants. In our information document you can find the rates for these extra excursions

Further Raja Ampat Adventures

Apart from scuba diving, snorkeling and our full day excursions, there are plenty more things to do available in Raja Ampat. For example, photography and bird watching are great things to do.

Please visit our pages about bird watching and villages in Raja Ampat. We have also written a blogpost ‘Raja Ampat – Things To Do’, that focuses more on activities for non-divers.

If you are interested in a liveaboard trip, you might also visit the website of our Coralia Liveaboard here. Coralia offers cruises in Raja Ampat but also other destinations.

Last but not least, if you simply want to relax after all your Raja Ampat adventures, please check out our Papua Explorers spa.