Departure time: 8:00am
Arrival time:
approx. 4:00pm
Time to first dive site: around 1hr 15 min.
Included: Morning snacks, drinks, island tour, picnic lunch.
What to bring: Plenty of sun cream and a hat. And don’t forget your camera.
Minimum pax: 4
Penemu and the Fam Islands group contain some of the most beautiful coral reefs in Raja Ampat, these remote reefs are bursting with colour and life.

On this day trip our first dive is Melissa’s Garden; considered to be amongst the oldest and most pristine coral reefs in Raja Ampat.  Not just a garden in name, this reef truly seems a never ending garden of soft and hard coral; with the top of the reef at 8-12m and nestled between 3 small limestone islands, with a slope that drops to a sandy bottom at 25 meters. Everything from wobbegongs and reefsharks, Ribbon Eels, to schooling fusiliers, pinjalo snapper, anthias and surgeonfish can be found at Melissa’s Garden. And for macro lovers this site hosts an abundance of Pygmy Seahorses, Ghost Pipefish, Mushroom Coral Pipefish and Nudibranchs.

Our surface interval is taken at Fam Lagoon, where a short walk up some wooden stairs will reward you with the a panoramic view across the lagoon and the Halmahera Sea.

Our second dive is short distance away at Penemu Wall. Again an amazingly colourful reef, that host many different species of sponges can, huge gorgonian fans (up to 3m across!) whilst in the shallows yet another brightly colored coral garden awaits you.

Lunch is either at a deserted sandy beach, where beautiful snorkeling is just a few meters off shore, and impressive monitor lizards observe you from a distance (and happily pose for photos as well!), or at the incredible Batu Rufus. A large limestone formation with a fringing coral reef and lagoon inside, Batu Rufus is a breathtakingly beautiful location. With a small entry through the rocks, the inner lagoon opens up into a natural swimming pool. Luncheoning at a small beach, you can swim in the emerald green lagoon or simply turn around and face the blue waters of the open ocean as the waves lap the shore.