Papua Explorers Dive Resort in Print Media Articles

Below you can see Papua Explorers Eco Resort reviews and articles in print media. Various diving magazines around the world have written about us in the past few years. So we are happy to present you their articles here.

Papua Explorers Eco Resort Articles

The first article of the German Unterwasser Magazine appeared in 2015, right after our Papua Explorers Eco Resort started its operation. We are very happy that the magazine had introduced us to the European diving world. That was back in a time when Raja Ampat and eco tourism hadn’t been as popular as they are maybe today.

Unterwasser Magazine also published another Papua Explorers Eco Resort review a bit later in 2017. Raja Ampat’s popularity had already increased a bit, so here the focus is more on our conservation efforts and eco tourism. In this time, we were in the process of establishing our own foundation, the Papua Explorers Foundation SEA Centre. Accordingly, some of our projects and activities were introduced here.

Also in 2017 the Russian dive magazine visited us. In their detailed review of Papua Explorers Resort, they show the beauty of our resort and of course Raja Ampat above the water and below.

In addition, we are very grateful for Tauchen Magazine featuring us in 2018. The article describes the magical moments divers as well as non-divers can experience with Papua Explorers in Raja Ampat.

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Further Reading about Papua Explorers Eco Resort

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