The masseuses from our Papua Explorers spa will turn your Raja Ampat holidays into a little retreat

Turn your Raja Ampat Holidays into a Little Retreat

Your days in our little paradise will be quite busy with diving, snorkeling and other adventures. Understandably, after all this, you might simply want one thing: relaxation! Luckily, at Papua Explorers, we have built a spa that will turn your Raja Ampat holidays into a little retreat.

Our spa is located at the center of our jetty. So you cannot miss it when passing by from our restaurant towards the dive center. With stunning views of the islands of the Dampier Strait in Raja Ampat, the Papua Explorers spa offers a variety of spa treatments. Our guests can enjoy these while surrounded by the tranquil sounds of the sea and a light breeze passing through.

Relax in Paradise at our Spa

Relaxation should certainly be an essential part of your holidays. That is especially true in Raja Ampat, where the days hold so many exciting activities. At Papua Explorers, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature already on the veranda of your water bungalow. Here comfy sun loungers and a hammock await you.

However, sometimes you might need a little extra wellness and get pampered. Our professional masseurs are certainly experts in that as they have many years of experience. They are happy to adjust their technique depending on your preferences.

For example, you could have a relaxing late afternoon massage as the sun gets low in the sky. Or a quick post-dive head and shoulder massage to soothe tired muscles. Sometimes a rejuvenating after-sun treatment with aloe vera is also helpful. Or maybe you would like to try out a traditional Indonesia massage? And for divers who have some trouble equalizing, we even offer a sinus-and-decongestion-massage.

Whichever treatment you choose, a massage by the sea is truly the ultimate indulgence during your Raja Ampat holidays !