Departure: 6:00am
Return: 6:00pm
Time to first dive site: approx 1 hr 30 min.
Included: Snacks, drinks, island tour, guided climb, entry fee, picnic lunch.
What to bring: Sun cream, good footwear, a hat and camera.
Minimum pax: 5 people

Uninhabited and incredibly picturesque, Wayag Island is an icon of Raja Ampat.   Covering a total area of 155,000 hectares it is known for its beautiful atolls and extraordinary underwater life.
Breathtaking at every turn, in Wayag you will find pristine beaches and the unique Karst islands that resemble mushrooms sprouting from the sea.

“Lush vegetation clung to all but the steepest slopes of the towering islands. Their near-vertical walls hung over the sea, which had undercut the razor-sharp honeycombs of eroding rock. It was as if the spectacular bullet-shaped islands had erupted out of the bay and frozen in time, hovering just above the surface. The landscape eluded words”.  Shawn Heinrichs, Emmy Award winning cinematographer, photographer, scuba diver, and marine conservationist

A fairy tale panorama will captivate visitors with it’s crystal clear waters and abundance of marine flora and fauna. This special location never ceases to amaze and visitors will be overwhelmed by not only by the rich underwater displays, but the panoramic beauty of the island as they climb to the lookout and take in one of the most extraordinary views in Raja Ampat.

Our Wayag trip begins early in the morning, when we set out by boat heading North in the direction of our first dive/snorkel site, “Eagle Rock”, named for the majestic eagles circling above the small, rocky islands.  Underwater, divers and snorkelers can encounter creatures like Wobbegong Sharks, Sweetlips, Sardines, Barracudas, Tuna, Bumphead Parrotfish and Reef Sharks, even the occasional manta ray!

After the first dive/snorkel, our boat continues further North, crossing the Equator, and continuing to travel until arriving at the iconic landscape of Wayag’s mushroom islands.

After cruising slowing and taking in the landscape, our morning coffee break is taken at a picturesque beach. After this break, we travel a small distance by boat to climb to the lookout. A challenging climb up steep limestone cliffs, the effort is worth it; upon reaching the summit you can take in magnificent 360* view of Wayag.. a must see, as pictures and words can not describe this extraordinary view.
*Please note, we do not recommend this climb for young children, and people with restrictive physical limitations.

Lunch follows, at the beach near the Wayag Ranger Station. Wayag is one of Raja Ampat’s 12 Marine Protected areas, and as such is manned by community rangers tasked with patrolling the area to monitor for illegal fishing and visitor behavior. Every man in the villages of Salio and Selpepe serves as a ranger for two weeks each year, a remarkable testament to the incredible community commitment to conserve the stunning natural riches of the area.

One of the (many!) highlights of the trip can be found in the shallows at the front of the ranger station: black tip reef sharks circling in the shallows. Stand in knee deep water and get a close up look at reef sharks who are complete undisturbed by your presence!

After lunch and some rest, we head to our second dive sight, Black Rock. Soft corals bloom in a variety of colours from the rocky outcrops, as Raja Ampat’s full abundance comes to life in a most vibrant display.

At the end of this dive, we journey back to the resort.. travelling back past the distance and remote islands, back to the familiar islands of the Dampier Strait.