Batanta Waterfall


Departure time: 8:00am
Return to resort at: approx. 5:00pm
Time to first dive site: around 1hr 15 min.
Included: Morning snacks, drinks, guided hike to the waterfall, picnic lunch.
What to bring: Sun lotion, good footwear and camera (in a waterproof case or bag).
Minimum pax: 4

Batanta Island is one of the Four Kings of Raja Ampat. The island has a rough shape and is made up of countless bays lined with untouched mangrove forests. On land the island is covered with misty peaks clad in pristine Papuan rainforest.
We take the boat up a winding path through a 30-meter tall mangrove forest and park up. Then we hike up a beautiful stream, where you can photograph iridescent Dragonflies and find areas covered in Butterflies.
After only 10 minutes we reach a waterfall, this waterfall is surrounded by large rainforest trees and is a great place to make photographs. After some photography we climb upstream through the wonderful rainforest of Batanta, some of the trees are centuries old. Many species of bird can be heard calling from the treetops. The stream is crystal clear, small fish and Crayfish can be seen hiding in the shade.
We arrive at the top after a 1-hour hike. The waterfall is around 80 meters tall. The opportunities for photography are almost endless here. The waterfall has a large pool with cool pristine water where we can cool off and have a swim. You can actually swim behind the waterfall to a little under hang at the back, where you can sit and rest.
Wai Island is the typical paradise island. It has a pure white sandy beach with jungle coming all the way down to the beach. Its southern fringing reef is the last resting place of a U.S Air Force P47. 5 of these aircrafts came into bad weather, all 5 crashed into the sea and all crew members survived, managing to get to Pulau Wai and later be rescued. We can dive the P47 which lies at 28 meters, it is in good condition and is covered in beautiful coral. This site is not a particularly fishy dive, but the corals are great and there are always some nice critters on this reef. To dive a Fighter Aircraft from the Second World War really is something quite unique. Pulau Wai also has some fishy reefs we can dive or snorkel, like Otto’s Reef and Anchor Reef.